Vertical Studios is made up of five acoustically isolated rooms: a Control Room, Live Room, Vocal Iso Booth, and two Amp Isolation rooms, all with patch panels tying them together.

This makes Vertical ideal for tracking live off the floor.  It has great sightlines from the control room, to the live room, to the vocal booth through double glass windows, so a band can set up, see each other, and have complete isolation between their instruments.

It’s also a great space for doing overdubs.  Having a dedicated control room allows the engineer to hear exactly what’s being recorded.  This also means that a vocalist can have their own private space to perform in, and electric or bass guitarists can set up comfortably on the control room couch while their amp is recorded in an adjacent room.

Control Room
The control room features a geometric design that ensures the listening position is free from reflections.  We installed custom-built rear wall diffusion to break up acoustic energy and create a natural flat frequency response, and the ceiling space has been used to build custom low-mid frequency diffusion.  This keeps the room controlled but natural sounding without being artificially dead.

The main speakers are soffit mounted to minimize reflections, decrease listening fatigue, and increase the size of the mixing sweet spot.  The means that on playback, you’ll be able to sit back on the couch and still get an accurate picture of your mix.  The studio is also air conditioned and employs professional lighting, making it a comfortable place you can really be productive in all day.

Live Room / Iso Booths
The live room and iso booths have also been carefully treated for sound.  Acoustic panels of various depths and densities have been built into the space to ensure a natural frequency response in the rooms, with panels ranging from 1.5” to 12” in depth to control high frequencies right down through to the lows.

Individual Headphone Mixes

Each musician can create their own independent headphone mix with our Furman HDS-6 headphone system.  5 headphone remote mixing stations (as pictured) are mounted around the studio, allowing musicians to dial up their own custom headphone mix.  This not only lets each musician hear exactly what they need to perform their best, but it saves major setup time that would be spent getting headphone mixes right.

Studio Layout

Click on the above image to see a larger version.

Office / Kitchen / Lounge
Vertical Studios comes complete with big-budget studio perks. We have an artist lounge, with a 42” HDTV, digital cable, CD/DVD/record player, surround sound, gas fireplace, and a Nintendo64.  A full kitchen is available, complete with fridge, microwave, toaster, dishwasher, gas stove, coffee machine, kettle and complimentary tea.  There is also an office space with computer, printer, and internet access that clients are welcome to use for checking e-mail, typing lyrics, surfing the internet, etc.  Vertical also has wireless internet available anywhere in the studio and artist spaces for your laptop.